Let us do the dirty work for you!

We provide curbside trash can cleaning service that is eco-friendly and affordable.

Trash cans when not cleaned can contain up to 400 different bacteria and viruses. They not only attract pests and bugs, they also stink.

Our equipment can clean up to two cans at a time using 360 degree spray heads that rotate and spin to remove the dirt and residue in minutes. Water heated to 200 degrees kills the bacteria and viruses that live in the trash cans. Our self-contained system collects all the water which we dispose of properly. This eliminates the water entering storm drains or yards.

We clean them by the end of the following day of your garbage pick up.

It saves you time, hassle and a big mess!

Before & After Photo  - of Crystal Clean Cans

The Benefits

Eco Friendly - Benefits of Crystal Clean Cans


No harmful chemicals are used in our cleaning process. Bacteria contaminated water is contained and disposed of properly.

One-site and Efficient  - Benefits of Crystal Clean Cans

One-site and Efficient

We will schedule our mobile service based on your trash and recycling pick-up. It only takes minutes for us to get your cans crystal clean.

Removes Harmful Germs  - Benefits of Crystal Clean Cans

Removes Harmful Germs

Studies have shown that dirty trash cans can contain up to 400 different viruses and bacteria. Every time you touch your trash can you are could be exposed.

Eliminates Undesirable Odors  - Benefits of Crystal Clean Cans

Eliminates Undesirable Odors

Stinky trash cans are the number one complaint. We will remove that odor by using a disinfectant and de-odorizing spray to keep them fresh smelling between cleans.

Affordable  - Benefits of Crystal Clean Cans


We have plans that meet everyone needs and pocketbooks.

Protects Property  - Benefits of Crystal Clean Cans

Protects Property

Clean trash cans don’t attract pesky rodents or bugs.